Welcome Me Back (ish)

Hey all.  Sorry I’ve been out for so long.  Life has taken its due course, and I’m doing OK.  I have been busy with life, my job, my GTA position, my dissertation, and trying to have a family life that is sort of normal.  Here’s a sort of update on the last year and a half or so…

Months ago, I asked my wife why she gave money to an organization (her church/ my former church) that contributed to the denigration of LGBTQ people.  By way of explanation, the church in question is an Assemblies of God church, and their stance is that “gays and those other unnatural sexual deviant people should be burnt in hell for all eternity.”  She has a few friends who are gay.  When I asked her the question, she really started to think.  Since then, she hasn’t given any money to the church.  She hasn’t gone to church on a regular basis.  But she still manages the nursery desk once a month.  I think she still hasn’t given up on the idea of a “god”, but she can’t wrap her brain around the evidence that there isn’t one.  Childhood indoctrination is a bitch!

In other news, I started restoring my foreskin.  WHAT?!?!

Yes.  That’s an actual thing.  One of the podcasts I listen to (I don’t remember which, but it was either Scathing Atheist, The Thinking Atheist, The Friendly Atheist, Cognitive Dissonance, or Everyone’s Agnostic) had an interview with a guy who was talking about the harmful effects of circumcision.  When I realized that this is the only elective surgery that is performed on children who have no consent… This is the only surgery that removes a perfectly natural part of the human body… That this is the only surgery that fucks up a boy’s sex life more than anything else… And I had no say in that enormously important part of my body being cut off without my say so… I was a bit mad (and by a “bit”, I mean quite a lot).

After doing some online research, I came across a few sites that talked about foreskin restoration.

What?!?!  I can get back the sensitivity, feeling, naturalness, and bodily intactness that I never had (but I didn’t know I was missing).  Yes.  Yes I can.  A simple Google search on “Foreskin Restoration” will reveal ample results to start a man on his way to regaining his penis parts that were removed without his consent because of his parents’ religion.

So far, I am two months into the process.  I have been using a DTR device and it has been an amazing change.  I have also started using just the bell to “tug” with an elastic strap to my lower leg for the past week.

I started with barely enough skin on my penis (dick, johnson, bald bishop, royal guard minus the furry hat, etc.) to cover the head when flacid.  Now, I can cover my glans and retain the coverage overnight with a piece of medical tape.  (unless I get a nocturnal erection, which causes me to wake up, and then I remove the tape to free willy.)

It is a lot of work, but once it became a part of my routine, it seems natural.

I want my body to be whole.  I want to experience all of what nature gave me to begin with… Even though religion denied me that.

Seriously… If you found out that part of your body had been removed without your consent, then learned that you could get it back (sort or, but mostly)… wouldn’t you do it?

When I read about it, I was like, “obviously”.  No question about this… Let’s do it!


Sorry to be so graphic about my genitalia, but if I don’t say anything you might never hear about this.

And if you are a soon-to-be mom or dad, please don’t cut off part of your son’s dick.  If he wants to do that later in life, when he is mentally capable of making informed decisions about his body, that’s fine.  But please don’t screw him out of a normal, un-mutilated body.

Thanks for reading.


All the best.