My Favorite Bible Verse

I was thinking the other day about stuff and the verse 1 John 4:12 came to my mind.  I actually had to look it up to see where it was in the bible.  It goes like this:

No one has seen God at any time…

I wonder why not!  I would venture that it is for the same reason that no one has ever seen a unicorn or a leprechaun, or a mermaid, or Zeus, or any number of other fictitious fantasies of the human mind.


One thought on “My Favorite Bible Verse

  1. I like the continuation of the verse too. It sounds like the argument that God makes people moral and is worth believing in even if he’s not real: “…but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” This has been refuted so many times, it’s interesting to see the bible, supposedly the word that’s proof God exists, suggest that he doesn’t but that one should believe anyway just to make sure everyone behaves.

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