Using Lies to Make Your Point

Over the past several years I’ve noticed that ultra-right wing nut jobs have to use lies, falsehoods, and untruths, no matter how close to the truth they happen to be, to make their case for whatever it is they are trying to peddle to the public at the time.  The first time I noticed this was back in February 2009.  I got a propaganda letter in the mail from the NRA trying to get me to join.

In the letter it said something to the effect that President Obama was going to implement a 500% tax on the price of ammunition as an attempt to take away our rights as Americans to own firearms.  When I first read the statement, something seemed a bit off to me.  After a bit of research, I realized that 1) the president can’t raise taxes, and 2) he wasn’t trying to get congress to.  This turned me off from the NRA even to this day.  They were spouting an outright lie in order to outrage people so that those people would get behind their message and support their platform.

Last week I got the newsletter from my union.  The headline article was about some conservative think tank publishing articles that misrepresented the financial state of the union’s holdings.  It essentially said that the union had mismanaged its members money and was on the way to financial ruin so that it wouldn’t be able to pay its obligations to its members.  The article in the newsletter then quoted specific researchable facts that dispelled these false accusations. It seems that the Republican party has been anti-union since prior to the second election of President Obama, and this is just a carry over from that; “bring down the unions, and we’ll have a Republican in the White House.”  Again, right-wingers using lies to bolster their position in order to gain power.

This morning as I was checking Facebook, I noticed that my sister had liked an article from the Conservative Tribune.  Here is a screenshot of that post.

Lightning striking Muslims

Lightning strikes Mecca killing “an entire crown” of Muslims. Or does it?

What is interesting is that when I clicked on the article, it isn’t about lightning striking and killing a crowd of Muslims at Mecca.  What really happened is that a crane fell over and killed about 65 people and injured another 150.  There’s even a cell phone video on the page showing a glimpse of the horror when this happened.

So first of all, the picture on the FB post depicts this event as one thing, but in actuality, it was something completely different: a crane falling over is not a lightning strike.  So there’s your deception in order to push their specific point of view.

Second, the comments below the post as well as the article itself clearly celebrate the deaths and injuries of these people.  When I read the FB post, I was a bit intrigued.  I wanted to see exactly how this “Act of God”, as they described it, took place.  When I read the actual article, I was outright disgusted at the Conservative Tribune and its readers for celebrating the deaths of humans.  People died!  How can you possibly justify thanking god for the death and injury of humans.  These people were doing nothing wrong.  They had nothing to do with the extreme Muslims who attacked America.  They were most likely run of the mill Muslims who were doing their Mecca visit when catastrophe struck.  Sure, it happened on September 11th, but that just makes it a coincidence.  And how sick do you have to be to celebrate the deaths of fellow humans.  I will go as far as to say that the writers at the Conservative Tribune are, in my opinion,  just as bad as those who perpetuated the attacks of the World Trade Center and Pentagon 14 years ago.

I know, this is not the point of this blog post, but it really sickened me to see extremists celebrating the deaths of people who they stereotype as the extremists on the other side of the “war”.

So back to my point…  This teaser FB post is clearly a false depiction of what is actually in the article and what actually happened, and it seems that the point of the post is to get people to feel a sense of rightness or Karma, or whatever, over the deaths of these people.

I’ve also realized that the right-wing christian message is full of these falsehoods in order to convince people that their message is the only right one.  Without going into detail I’ll just mention their view of creationism vs. evolution, their view of the historicity of the bible vs. real archaeological findings, and their view of the inerrancy of scripture vs. the actuality of the many mistakes and inconsistencies in their writings.  These are all obvious lies, untruths, and falsehoods to anyone on the outside.  To me and a whole host of others it is easy to see right through these arguments.  Is it the blinders of belief that keep those on the inside from seeing what is actually going on?

So here’s my conclusion.  I am convinced that if you have to use lies to make your case, your case is not one that should be made.  If your message is so pathetic that you have to rely on false statements for people to buy in to it, there is a problem with your message.

So do your homework, people!  Look at every side of a situation.  Look at the facts and not the hype.  Always be skeptical.  Use Occam’s Razor.  Don’t be fooled by the snake oil salesmen of our times.


2 thoughts on “Using Lies to Make Your Point

  1. It’s really true. They make a lot of false claims. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a Fox news headline and just absolutely facepalmed. Everything they report fits their twisted worldview. They’re selective, they manipulate the facts, and they ignore all of the evidence that contradicts their opinions. For example, after the media started to finally notice the widespread issue of police brutality, especially against minorities, Fox news spent as much time as possible focusing on shootings of police officers, and arguing that since the Black Lives Matter movement, police officers have been shot on the job more frequently than in the past, when actually the opposite is true. (Fewer police officers have been shot in the past year or so than the year before.)

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