Fear and Wisdom

My older sister shared this image on Facebook today.  I have some serious issues with the statement portrayed in this meme.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.57.32 PM

From my point of view, I feared god from my childhood.  I was a true christian in all aspects and did everything right according to the christian tradition I was brought up in, or at least I tried.  But now that I see there is no truth in the historicity of the bible or the efficaciousness of prayer or the probability of prophecy, I understand that denying god is much more wise than accepting that there is such a being.  God, if there is such a being, should understand this.  I mean, the method that he (she, it) chose to reveal him(her, its)self to us lowly humans is probably the worst way to make one’s self known if one is the creator of a universe.

I get the ancient writings.  They are old.  They have been here for a long time.  But there are actual archeological findings that show those ancient writings to be not so true.  The lack of camel bones from a time when there were supposed to be camel caravans… Lack of cities when there were supposed to be cities… Events cited in places years (decades, hundreds of years even) before those places even existed…   Prophecies of a supposed king that never come about, but are thought to be proof of the “one, true king” even though these prophecies don’t match up with the actual (non-historical, but written about) occurrences of an itinerant preacher who also prophesied about things that never occurred.  So much speculation and leaving it all up to interpretation and chance…

If anything is the height of foolishness, believing christianity and all of its mythology is such.  I, however, now choose to rely on wisdom gleaned from observation and proof.  Science is the thing.  How else would our modern world be possible.  Christianity and all of its foolishness has kept us in the dark ages for long enough.  Religion is not an accurate way to understand anything.

So in my view, fearing a nonexistent entity amounts to nothing more than superstition, which is foolishness.  And denying that same nonexistent entity is nothing more than wisdom to understand reality.  It’s interesting what reason does to a person when religion does the exact opposite.


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