Back to School/ Separation of Church and State

Today was my first day back on the job after a great summer off.  We started with “Institute”, which is a meeting of all the employees of the school board.  The superintendent of schools gets up and talks about stuff and we get to hear from all the important folks about important issues concerning the upcoming year… And we get proselytized.

I snuck in some videos so you wouldn’t think I’m making this up.

This is the invocation.

This is our superintendent “taking up an offering”, for lack of better phrasing.

I did not include the video of the duo singing about god or of the prayer session later on in the day.  All of these were sanctioned by the school board officials and all employees were required to be in attendance.

A couple of things I’ve read recently came to mind while all of this was going on:  this article where a school was sued for praying at teacher meetings just like the one I was at today, and this post from Neil Carter explaining the issues surrounding being a secular teacher.  Hopefully neither of these scenarios will play out in my school district…  but something has to happen.

There was one other employee during the afternoon “prayer session” who did not stand and join hands with the rest of the faculty.  Afterward, she made a comment under her breath, but loud enough for me to hear “so this is how we do separation of church and state.”  I whole-heartedly agree with her sarcasm.


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