Counseling and Hank Hanegraaff

I’m not quite sure why, but since the last time I posted, I have gotten very depressed again.  My wife went out of town on business, and that may be what started it, but even after she got back, the depression has continued.  I am tired of this cycle of depressed, OK, depressed, OK.  I was sitting at my desk  yesterday, and I looked up at my list of rules, the ones from No More Mr. Nice Guy.  Rule 5- I am the only person who is responsible for my wants, needs and happiness, and rule 27- Do it now struck me pretty hard.  So I finally made the call that I was considering six months ago when I was in the middle of that horrible depression I went through.  I got an appointment and met with a psychologist this afternoon.  He seems to think there are some things we can work out.   I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Maybe I’ll be able to work out some of my issues.  I actually talked to him about that one thing that I’ve never spoken to another person, ever, in my life before.  Maybe I’ll post about that someday.

In other news, I started reading Hank Hanegraaff’s The Apocalypse Code.  It’s an explanation of partial preterism, and he makes a really good case, from the scriptures and history, for why the tribulation happened in 70 AD.  He also makes a really good point for why a Jewish state with the ouster of non-jewish palestinians is a really horrible, racist thing for christians, who are supposed to love others, to support.  I remember when my current pastor first mentioned CUFI, Christians United For Israel, and how I immediately had a sense of I’m not so sure about this.  I’m starting to see why I had reservations.  Read the book.  HH makes a lot of good points, and your view of a lot of things will be rocked.

That is all.


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