A friend of mine posted tonight on Facebook: “Education for understanding can come about only if students somehow become able to integrate the pre scholastic with the scholastic and disciplinary ways of knowing, and when such integration does not prove possible to suspend or replace the pre-scholastic ways of knowing in favor of the scholastic forms of knowing.” eh? what?”
I responded: “Translated: Neither experience or schooling is more important than the other; they work together to create true understanding.”
Some other person responded: “must be more common core garbage”
I responded something to the effect that the common core is not a bad thing.  It was created by the National Governor’s Association to respond to the legitimate need of transient students who need a continuum in their curriculum from place to place.  Some of these students happen to be dependents of our military. I also mentioned this persons’s lack of self-thinking ability in the presence of the “ultra right wing propaganda machine.”
My wife was upset that I made the comment.  It happens that the person who originally made the post was our children’s youth pastor.  My wife was upset that I was attacking a friend of our children’s youth pastor.  I think the person who made the offensive comment was another pastor’s wife.  Whatever… But it was an offensive comment!
Why am I upset about the comment?  The common core curriculum was created to make sure that our students get a standardized educational experience no matter where they live, or no matter where they move to, as typified by the dependents of our military.  Those who oppose the common core curriculum seem to not mention this in preference to their view that the common core is a bad thing.  Why?  because it it Obama’s doing!
Well. No, it’s not… exactly.
The National Governor’s Association instigated the CCC.  Why?  Because they saw a need for a standardized (by location) curriculum.  The democratically elected school boards of 46 states adopted the CCC for the students of their states.  Democracy at its best!  Unless you are the less represented Ultra Right Wing, wherein which you would publish nonsensical untruths that are slightly believable… then the people who accept what you say as a proverbial “expert” on the subject will in turn spew the same shit you peddle.
I’m sorry.  When did shit become OK?
The whole reason the common core curriculum is not acceptable to the right wing is because it was used by the Obama administration a precursor to receiving “Race to the Top” funding from the federal government, which, by the way, is much less intrusive to the local education authority than the prior mandate of No Child Left Behind: both created under George W. Bush’s Administration.  But the right wing just has to have something to get up in arms about!
So what’s my problem with this person’s problem with CCC?  The reason it upsets me is that I work with children every day that need continuity of their education.  Some of the kids I work with move into my school from another, then move back, then to another, then back to my school.  They need continuity, otherwise they either miss concepts or repeat them, and probably both.  Standardized curriculum is a good thing!  But Obama said… Fuck Obama… What about our future???  What about equality???
Those who propigandize their constituents to not like the CCC are the same people that put Governor George Wallace up to blocking the door of the University of Alabama.  They are the same ones who don’t want equality in education based on the ultra right wing’s ignorance of the origins of the CCC.  They also are the same people who want you to keep your pride in the Confederate States of America and fly the ole “Stars and Bars”.  Ugg.  Hatred makes me sick!
Why do we put up with hatred?  I told my wife to get over her friendships and those she goes to church with.  I, personally, am sick and tired of people putting other people down because of their color, race, creed, or sexual preference.  Why can’t we just love each other because we are people?  Oh… What?  That’s what Jesus said 2,000 years ago… Oh, Never mind.  Let’s make up a bunch of shit about NOT loving people because they have slightly (or disparate, even) beliefs and/ practices than we have.  YEAH!!! That’s what Jesus preached.

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