People Whose Views Have Influenced Me

One of the reasons I am writing this blog is to encourage others to critically question their mindset.  That’s how I got out of the toxic theology known as oneness pentecostalism.  If it weren’t for information and a critical mind, I would still be sitting fat, dumb, and happy (so to speak) on a oneness pentecostal pew and nodding “amen to that” whenever the preacher connected some ill-interpreted scripture with some stupid reason to make myself feel even more like shit than I already did.  It’s been a long journey coming out of oneness, and there have been many authors, bloggers, and internet posters who I have read that have influenced me in one way or another.  There are too many to name them all, and frankly, I’ve forgotten some of them.  I want to credit those who have helped me along in order that some other poor soul will possibly read this one day and be helped in turn.

One of the earliest works I read was Josh Spiers’ site,  Josh’s testimony about leaving the UPC was extremely encouraging to me.  His responses to the different “holiness standards” were also very helpful.  He explains most of these issues in a way that makes it easy to understand why they are not only unnecessary, but unbiblical.  Thanks, Josh!

The guy who writes the website Experto Creed, whoever he is, also had a great influence on me.  His testimony and explanations of why the UPC and oneness doctrines are less than biblical helped me realize even more why I needed to get out.  His tale of the goatee rebellion and spiritual blinders really resonated with me.  I, as well, have always questioned the facial hair bit that the UPC holds on to.  It makes no sense, even when you accost it as truth.  Because of EC, I was able to understand what spiritual blinders are and remove them from my own eyes.  Thanks, EC.

Brian LePort’s story at Near Emmaus was also helpful and encouraging.  Thanks, Brian

The testimonies at Spiritual Abuse were encouraging as well.  Thanks, Spiritual Abuse.

The Studies for Pentecostals that Buddy Martin has put together were like water to my parched soul.  He also has some great studies in the Hebraic Foundations section that helped me understand a lot and make some important choices for myself.  Thanks, Buddy.

One of my favorite pastimes was to read and post on the oneness forum at CARM.  If you want to see the oneness mindset in action, go read a few posts.  The lack of logic and twisting of scriptures will be readily apparent to anyone with half of a brain.  CARM also has some great articles on heresies and other things pertinent to any discussion about oneness.  Thanks, CARM.

Dr. Bart Ehrman’s book, Misquoting Jesus, lead me to a better understanding of the scriptures, and how to read and apply them to my life.  I know this probably wasn’t his main reason for writing this book, but it opened my eyes to some realities that oneness people will never admit, and probably don’t even know.  Thanks, Dr. Ehrman!  I’m planning on reading his other book, Jesus, Interrupted soon.

One of the biggest influences on me was Thrice Holy’s Answering Oneness.  Talk about big guns.  If you can read all of this information and not want to get out of oneness, you’ve got bigger issues than I want to know about.  It will take a while to read through all of this great information, but it is well worth it.    Thanks, Thrice Holy!

These are the most important resources I have used I my journey out of oneness.  There are many others that I have read and viewed.  There are several books that I have read, some of which I mentioned here.  Hopefully, if you are struggling with your oneness beliefs, these resources will help you come to the understanding that oneness is not biblically sound doctrine.  The only way to truly break free of this toxic mindset and theology is understanding.  I know I don’t understand everything yet (and probably never will), but I know enough to know that oneness is not biblical.  If you get out without understanding, you’ll probably end up with a case of “Talihina Syndrome” and continue to be mentally dominated by their toxic mindset.

Hopefully, these resources will help you understand where I have come from and what I have gone through.


2 thoughts on “People Whose Views Have Influenced Me

    • Holy cow. I didn’t think anyone would ever actually read this, let alone one of the guys that influenced me that I wasn’t going to go to hell for leaving the UPC. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You do good things for the world, and I hope it comes back to you.

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